Realistic Garfield [VIDEO]
My favorite cartoon character of all time is Garfield. I remember when I was 7 years old, I made Garfield invitations for my birthday, and my Mom took those drawings and laminated them so the kids that came to my birthday could color them in. But, what if Garfield was a cat in real life?
A Not-So-Typical Dance Recital Gift
I am fondly referred to as "Crazy Aunt Nancy" to my niece and two nephews and in their defense I can be a little nuts. I try to convince them to do things I think are funny all the time and they usually aren't very interested. But sometimes they surprise me.
Waking Up A Pig With A Cookie [VIDEO]
Today's "LOL" moment is brought to you by a pig.  A pig that's minding his own business, sleeping the day away, only to be woken up by the sweet smell of a cookie.

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