Drive In Theatre- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
Ahhh, the ol Drive In Theatre. What a great way to bond together with the family. Unfortunatly, there aren't very many left. We used to have a couple right here on the Southcoast, one in Dartmouth, where Walmart is, and one in Fairhaven, which STILL has the sign up...
Lite Bright- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
Here is another classic interactive game I enjoyed as a child. Does anyone own this still, and if so, where do you get a refill of that black paper? I wonder if there is a newer version of this classic toy out for us to buy.
Old Dartmouth Mall Stores- Back In The Day Flashback
In the 1980's, one of my biggest problems was trying to find a ride to and from the Dartmouth Mall, then called the North Dartnouth Mall. What a good time those years were, as my friends and I walked up and down the mall. I remember so many stores and places that were there, and are no longer..…

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