Lite Bright- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
Here is another classic interactive game I enjoyed as a child. Does anyone own this still, and if so, where do you get a refill of that black paper? I wonder if there is a newer version of this classic toy out for us to buy.
Old Dartmouth Mall Stores- Back In The Day Flashback
In the 1980's, one of my biggest problems was trying to find a ride to and from the Dartmouth Mall, then called the North Dartnouth Mall. What a good time those years were, as my friends and I walked up and down the mall. I remember so many stores and places that were there, and are no longer..…
Punky Brewster- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback
This was one of those Tv shows that had a "lesson" to it for every episode. There were some eposides that dealt with some pretty major issues, but at the end Punky always turned out ok. Who remembers the name of the dog? One interesting fact about the Soleil Moon Frye (she played P…

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