JT Sings Happy Birthday to Lucky Fan
So, we all know that Justin Timberlake is awesome!  He can sing, act, dance and he's super funny!  This past week he showed us another one of his many awesome traits; his caring nature.
ABC Morning Talker: Yankee Fan Sues ESPN
On today's Morning Talker with ABC 6, we discussed a rather bizarre topic. We talked about the new lawsuit that an apparent "shamed" New York Yankees fan is filing against ESPN and their announcers after they made jokes about him sleeping in the middle of a Red Sox/Y…
Basketball Fan Meets Jay-Z And Wins $20,000 [VIDEO]
An Oklahoma City Thunder fan who was picked out of the stands, hits a half court shot, wins $20,000 dollars, and shakes hands with Jay-Z.
This is the second time in a week that a fan at this arena has won the cash!
Check out the winning shot and the hand shake with Jay-Z below...
Jets Fan Punches Woman In The Face
It wasn't a good day for the Patriots at the Meadowlands Arena on Sunday, as they went down in OT 30-27 on a penalty called as a 47 yard field goal was being attempted by the Jets.
What went down after the game was even uglier as fans began to leave the stadium...

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