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Embarrassing Final Round On Family Feud [VIDEO]
You know how the final round on the Feud works right? Two people answer questions, and they need 200 points between the two of them.
The first person gets 182, so the woman who is up next needs just 18.
Easy right? Click on the video to see the disaster...
Family Feud Fail
If this is not the most epic game show fail of all-time, I'm not really sure what is.  Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey, is a long running afternoon game show on NBC, and a show that I've always been a big fan of.  Two families battle it out to reach 300 points for the chance …
Family Feud Question Is Too Risky To Answer [VIDEO]
I was just scanning the internet for interesting things to share with you today, and even though this is a little old, I had to share it.
Watch these two guys refuse to answer a question due to the content of said question.
I wonder who will laugh more, the ladies or the men...
Funniest Game Show Answers Of All Time
Its the middle of the week, and time to inject some laughter into your day.
We have all watched game shows before right? Here is a video of a compilation of some of the funniest answers given on game shows of all time.
Most of these come from the Family Feud...