Pitbull That Loves To Play With Bubbles [VIDEO]
Truth be told, I am a dog lover. Sometimes, I hate how certain dogs are portrayed as evil, like German Shepards, Rottweilers, even Pitbulls. They're not all bad. I had a German Shepard growing up and she was the nicest dog ever. Plus, if you give them bubbles to play with, the kid comes out…
Great Dane Puppy Won’t Get Up In The Morning [VIDEO]
Everyone hates walking up early for work, but 3:30 in the morning? That’s what time baker Ray Prevo wakes up. He has to get those bagels and rolls ready for the morning breakfast rush, and trying to wake up his puppy Thor is quite a hassle, because he has to be walked before Ray can …
Pooch Kisses May Contain Unhealthy Bacteria
Tell me it ain't so, Fido! After all these years of getting affectionate dog kisses, I'm now told that they may contain harmful bacteria, if you allow your dog to kiss you on the mouth? Hmm, maybe my mother was right, after all.
Dogs Watch FedEx Driver Chase Truck
Security cameras captured this footage of dogs watching a FedEx driver tr to stop his truck from rolling down the street.
The dogs we very excited when the truck showed up and that may be what distracted the driver.
Click the video below to see if the truck missed the big tree or not...
Man’s Best Designated Driver [PHOTOS]
New Year's Eve is upon us and its a great time to celebrate!  Its also a great time to use your noggin and let someone else drive you home if you've celebrated a bit too much.  Here are a few totally adorable designated drivers ready to get you home safe...

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