New Trailer for Highway Murders Film Gives Victims a Voice
Dartmouth resident Aaron Cadieux, the director behind the award-winning and highly praised The Bridgewater Triangle documentary, has just released the newest trailer for his next project, The Highway Murders.
The documentary is the first full-length feature to ever focus on the New Bedford highw…
Market Basket Documentary To Be Completed This Summer
While the work stoppage saga that haunted the Market Basket grocery store chain this past year is over and order has been restored, with the beloved Arthur T. Demoulas regaining control of the company, the film world is not ready to let the past be the past.
Fort Taber To Be Featured In PBS Documentary
PBS' "Maritime Mysteries" is going to feature Fort Taber-Fort Rodman in New Bedford this week. If you've ever thought the Fort might be haunted, Paranormal expert Jeff Belanger wants to show you you're right!
Adele Documentary in the Works?
If Beyonce can do it, why can't her fellow belter Adele? And no, we're not talking about being a celebrated singer or having her first child last year, either. We're talking about being the subject of a cable TV documentary!