Open Letter: Please Pick Up After Your Dog
For the love of God and everything holy, please pick up after your dog so the rest of us can enjoy our walks, runs, hikes, etc without having to step in your dog's droppings. I can't believe the indecency of some people who think that they can simply walk away from their dog's pi…
Daffodil Season Begins at Dartmouth Parsons Reserve
Warm weather is here, folks! One of the many things you can enjoy around town this time of year is the Daffodil Field in Parsons Reserve. The Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust has opened this field to the public this season, and I can't wait to bring my family and friends...
5 Reasons We Love Dartmouth
Every now and again we're reminded to "Love Where You Live" and these past few weeks have given me so many reminders as to why I love living in Dartmouth.  Here are the five things about this tiny town that make me proud to call it home.