DJK: Fun 107 Weekends Part 2 (@B-MO)
Fairhaven - MA
I saw B-MO's video and talked with him after he left, I had to make. follow up, the only way I knew how, check it out! Also, I know most listeners don't know much about me, so here is me in a nutshell!
Calvin Harris Injured In Car Crash!
What a scary moment for super star DJ Calvin Harris. He was being driven around LA in an SUV and a teenage girl driving a Volkswagen crossed over the wrong lane. The two cars collided with each and one person was flung from the car. Calvin was cut and therefore transported to a local hospital...
A Special Tribute To J Rod
Sad news filled the station as we were told the horrific news that a former Fun 107 DJ, Jarod Gagnon a.k.a. J Rod, was involved in a fatal car accident late Thursday night, leaving behind his newly-wed wife and unborn child. His talent and personality stood out amongst the crowd and sparked his care…
Game of Thrones Actor Launches DJ Tour
He may only speak one word on the show, but Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn (AKA Hodor) will have plenty to say to the people of Australia this summer. Or at least his turntables will.

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