Breaking The Single Cycle
If you spent another weekend trying to meet someone at the same bars, clubs and restaurants you always go to, then you may need to break the vicious cycle. So are you feeling brave enough to try something new?
7 Deal Breakers For Females
Fellas have you ever wondered what goes through a females mind while on that first date? I can confirm for you from experience that we are going through our deal breakers check list.
Guy Calls Police On One-Night Stand For Snoring “Like A Train”
What should have been a great ending to a fun evening turned upside down. It's totally awkward according to the police. Now, here's another edition of bad moments in hook up history!
When one Wisconsin man, Benjamin Duddles, 41, called the police to have them remove a woman who was asleep i…
Facebook Knows When You’re Going To Break Up
Attention: It is absolutely true! Rumors for years have said that social media is very costly for a relationship. Yes, apparently the fate of your relationship is not in the tarot cards but in your social circle.

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