CVS To End Tobacco Product Sales
By October, CVS will no longer sell any tobacco products in all of their 7,500 pharmacies.
According to USA Today, "Selling tobacco is very inconsistent with being in that business," said Helena Foulkes, CVS's pharmacy president. "We really thought about this decision as it relates to …
Duck Invasion At CVS [VIDEO]
Customers at a CVS drug store got a little bit of a surprise when 50 ducks waddled through the automatic doors. So, what do you do when something like this happens? Whatever you do, don't quack up! Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Pictures of Oprah Winfrey Shopping at CVS in Boston
Imagine making a quick stop at CVS on the way home from work.  You're standing in line when you realize you are standing behind...Oprah!  This happened to the customers at the CVS on Boylston Street yesterday. A couple of customers couldn't believe their eyes when they …