Have You Seen This Dog???
There was a reported dog napping in New Bedford! Recognize this man? See this dog arrive in your neighborhood the last 4...
Posted by New Bedford Guide on Thursday, March 3, 2016
So some crazy person decided to steal a dog from a hospital...
Most Used Passwords of 2015! (Yes yours is on here)
Well great... It looks like I'm going to have to finally change my password after these guys decided to make a list out of it. JKJKJKJK everyone knows that my password JAGGERTHEKI... Wait a sec, I almost actually told you!  Okay so that's not my actual password but they are all phrase…
A Not-So-Typical Dance Recital Gift
I am fondly referred to as "Crazy Aunt Nancy" to my niece and two nephews and in their defense I can be a little nuts. I try to convince them to do things I think are funny all the time and they usually aren't very interested. But sometimes they surprise me.
Worlds Greatest Paper Airplane Throw [VIDEO]
We have all made a paper airplane right? How far did it travel?
No where NEAR how far this one went! Check out this guy and his paper airplane and where it ends up. The entire soccer stadium goes nuts when it gets to the end of the flight...

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