christmas lights

The Christmas Lights Go On At Clasky Park
As other towns and the City of Boston turned their Christmas Lights on in the last couple of days, New Bedford lit their lights last night.
The students at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech High School assembled the display for the Clasky Park...
Fairhaven House Has Best Christmas Lights Ever
Michael Aguiar goes "ALL OUT" when it comes to decorating his house for Christmas He's decorated his house on Route 6 in Fairhaven for years. He told us that every year he takes the week after Thanksgiving off from work and focuses on hanging the lights...
Christmas Lights Guinness World Record For 2013 [VIDEO]
Did you realize we are now under a month away from Christmas? Uh oh. Still have shopping to do, and decorate the house for all the cars that pass by. Can't compete with this family from Australia though, they have the world's record for Christmas lights.
Home Depot Will Pay For Recycled Christmas Lights
If you love Christmas lights, but hate the spike in your NSTAR energy bill, there may be a solution. You have until the end of this weekend to bring your old Christmas lights to Home Depot...and they'll give you a discount on some new energy efficient LED lights...