Traffic Gets Backed Up By Thousands Of Frozen Turkeys
A frozen turkey spill brought California highway traffic to a stand still yesterday morning. 25,000 pounds of turkey littered the roadway after an early morning accident and it could be something lots of California families are thankful for.
The New iPhone 6, 6 Plus, And Apple Watch Are Here! [PICS]
Happy Apple day kids! For those of you that have been waiting for a brand new iPhone, your wait is almost over! The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now here! Plus, Apple has released a brand new product called Apple Watch. Larry from the FUN Morning Show gives you a rundown on the newest products…
Dumb Starbucks: A Parody Coffee Shop
You've heard of Starbucks Coffee, but what about Dumb Starbucks Coffee?
Yes, that's right...Dumb Starbucks Coffee is a legit, new coffee shop in California, that people waited in line for hours to check out!  This certainly sounds like it could have big potential for a lawsuit, right? …

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