The Sea Monstah!
BREAKING- A new video with additional footage has emerged of the Bostonian internet sensation Mike Bergin and his fellow companion Jay Foster. Although we weren't there on the boat with them, here's a video from a different point of view of how it really went down and a closer look at the …
Dear Bella Bond
You were not possessed. It was not your "time to die." You were a sweet, innocent baby who was probably hungry or needed comforting. A mother's love was something you clearly never received. So as you cried for her, or anyone to acknowledge your presence and fill a need, you w…
Red Sox DH David Ortiz Hits 500th Homerun
Well Red Sox Nation, it's official... Big Papi hit homers number 499 and finally number 500 tonight against the Tampa Bay Rays.
Ray's left-handed pitcher Matt Moore gave up both homers in a game where Ortiz was originally told to rest, but managed to play anyways...
Need A Ride? Try Uber.
Maybe you've heard of Uber, maybe you haven't. It's basically an alternative to calling a cab, it arrives faster, could potentially be cheaper and it's a total stranger giving you a ride.

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