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Bad Lip Reading Of The Walking Dead [VIDEO]
October is right around the corner and that means we are weeks away from the much-anticipated new season of The Walking Dead! But if you can't wait to see your favorite character, this bad lip reading video might help tide you over.
‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Gets Bad Lip Reading Treatment [VIDEO]
Bad Lip Reading is easily one of the best channels on YouTube and we can't wait till they come up with their next video. They have, and it's another winner. Watch has Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy have some conversations from 'The MAzing Spider-Man', but find out what they were rea…
Beyonce Meets Up With Bad Lip Reading in ‘La Fway’
Did or didn't Beyonce' lipsync the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration? Who knows, and at this point if you still care you really need to rethink what's important in your life. Now lets sit back, and enjoy what the folks at Bad Lip Reading have done to the performance.