app of the day

Larry’s App Of The Day – Vine
I came across a fun app called Vine. With this app you can shoot 6 seconds of video on your iPhone and it loops it over and over and you can share it on your twitter account.
Larry’s App Of The Day – Jaws Revenge
Because it is the 25th season of Shark Week, and with all the shark sightings off the Cape, what better way to be a part of it, then being a shark yourself in an app I found called "Jaws Revenge?"
Larry’s App Of The Day — Old Booth Lite
I'll admit it. I have a lot of time on my hands. So what do idle hands always find? The best apps! Look for an app call "Old Booth Lite." It takes old high school yearbook photos and you can super-impose your face into it. It's a FREE app too so you don't have …