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ACO: Banning Pit Bulls Not the Answer
New Bedford Animal Control Officer Manny Maciel says breed-specific legislation against pit bulls is not the answer in the wake of the recent killing of a 7-year-old boy by two of the dogs.
Seal Visits New Bedford Beach
With all that's going on in New Bedford these days, it's no surprise that the city is getting its fair share of visitors. Many want to come to enjoy the city's picturesque shorelines. But one visitor on Wednesday actually came out of the water to do so...
Dog Apparently Abandoned in Brooklawn Park
A dog was apparently left abandoned at Brooklawn Park in New Bedford Sunday afternoon.
The dog, a Boxer believed to be about two years old, was found tied to a pole at about 3:30 p.m. Sunday.
He is now in the custody of animal control...
Boa Constrictor In Dartmouth
I know not all snakes are legless, but the one found in Dartmouth is also homeless until its owner claims it! According to FOX25 BOSTON, Dartmouth Police along with the animal control department captured a boa constrictor on Memorial Avenue in Dartmouth Saturday evening...
Middleborough Animal Control Warns Residents of Black Bears
Middleborough Animal Control posted on their Facebook page Tuesday about a few black bears in the area. A mother was seen near Oak Point with her cubs, and they are warning residents to not leave food outside.
"Please read the following from the state regarding black bears" HERE...
New Bedford Low-Cost Rabies Clinic
New Bedford hosting Low-Cost Rabies Clinic for surrounding communities. 2016 New Bedford Dog Licenses will also be available. Call Animal Control at (508) 991-6366 for more information.

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