When Manny Amaral opened a letter from the landlord of his business location, he expected to see a lease renewal.  Instead he was shocked to read that his Sunrise and Bakery Coffee Shop must vacate their Russells Mills Road Dartmouth location by the end of the year.   This is the first shop opened by  Manny and his brother Joseph back in 1980.

They share the small plaza with the building's owner, Cumberland Farms, and with a salon.   Sunrise Bakery's owners say they have never had a problem with Cumby's, and the company has not told them why they are being forced out, nor offered any options for them to stay.   It's been speculated that Cumberland Farms wants to increase the size of that store.

There is a petition at the Sunrise locations for customers to sign, but Manny says he not optomistic about winning the fight against the large convenient store/gas station chain that has almost 600 locations in 11 states.   Sunrise Bakery and Coffee Shops has 2 other locations, and both are in buildings they own themselves.

The Amaral brothers have not yet decided as to whether they will open a new shop to replace the Russells Mills location.