After a rash of deadly accidents, State Police announced a "surge" of patrols on Routes 195 and 24 this summer.  This weekend alone, State Police nailed a driver going over 100 miles per hour, and arrested 9 drunk drivers.  Over the past 8 weekends, the added patrols arrested nearly 100 drunk drivers and written about 2 thousand speeding tickets.

For me, personally, the surge is working.  I've definitely changed my driving habits on 195 and 24.  When I'm on these roads, I'm actually conscious of the surge and make sure I set my cruise control to an acceptable speed.  It didn't take me long to notice the dramatic increase in patrols.  Troopers are pretty much perched in every speedtrap along the two highways all weekend long.

The surge has come at a cost of about $125,000 in police overtime.  Do you think the surge is worth the money?  Is it working?  Are you driving differently on 195 and 24?  The surge is scheduled to stop at the end of the month.  Do you think it should continue?

I'm thinking that the surge has more than paid for itself with the citations that have been written.  No one enjoys getting pulled over, but making these highways safer is of paramount importance. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think the surge should continue into the Fall.