What's going on?

The Red Sox Have A New Beer
It's almost surprising this hasn't happened sooner, given the fact that the Samuel Adams brand is synonymous with the city of Boston.
ALDI Up And Running In Wareham
If you've ever shopped at an ALDI grocery store, you know that it's much different than the typical supermarket.
A Boston Tour Worth Taking
If you were to ask anyone who has taken the ride to the Jamaice Plain area of Boston and gone on the tour of the famous Samuel Adams Brewery, you'll probably hear that it was well worth the short drive from the Southcoast.
Will A Plastic Bag Ban Come To New Bedford?
The answer is probably "yes," with it just being a matter of time before the flimsy plastic bags are banned in New Bedford as well as other Southcoast communities.
Bring Back Some Old Christmas Traditions
A Facebook friend of mine who also grew up in the same small New York State town as I posted some very good old ideas that many of us seem to have forgotten.