Some parents at an elementary school in Portland, Oregon are floored by their principal's assertation that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be considered racist.  All schools in Portland are starting the year off with sensitivity training surrounding racism.  The intensive program is called "Courageous Conversations", and, according to the Portland Tribune,  it's designed to help teachers "understand their own 'white privilege', then they can change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance."

After witnessing one of his teacher's making a reference to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in one of her lessons, the school's principal used it as an example of how teachers can be insensitive to minorities.  In an interview with the newspaper he said, “What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” says Gutierrez, “A better way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”