Every Halloween hundreds of thousands of people head to haunted attractions all over the place to give themselves a good scare. But it's not just the fall that is perfect for fear.

This summer a company in Orange, CT is offering a whole new haunted experience, that makes my heart pound just reading about it!

Tons of scary movies seem to take place at camps or cabins or just plain old in middle of the woods...but what if you were in those woods? At Terror Trails you can be.

Reaper House Entertainment has created a 13-hour camping overnight that puts campers in the horror story and there are TONS of creepy things to experience (if you're up for it!)

Reaper House's website says you begin your night with a group BBQ, then gather around the campfire to tell ghost stories...and then the story comes to life! You end up divided into small groups to explore the campsite and face down your biggest fears.

And for those who get there and chicken out, you can simply stay around the campfire watching horror movies (though they say you will be subjected to random scares).

The whole things ends the next morning with a continental breakfast and then you head home having lived to tell the tale of your terrifying night in the woods.

I know I would never be able to handle a night like this, but I'm sure there are plenty of horror movie fans who are psyched that someone is doing it. Seems like a long overdue concept for those who love being scared.

So would you spend a night at Terror Trails?