So, I know this has happened to me and probably has happened to a bunch of you as well, but dropping your cell phone into water is the worst. I'll never forget the time my wife dropped my IPhone into the bathtub as she was trying to take a picture of the kids.  Then, there was the time that my son spilled an entire glass of milk on my iPhone.  There's nothing quite like the feeling of dread when you witness your phone falling into water.  I actually have dreams about it.

Well, to help me and everyone else who's lost a phone because of some water related accident, has laid a blueprint of what they call the "rice approach" to help us try and save our devices.

The "rice approach" starts with rescuing the device from whatever water it's decided to take a refreshing dip into. From there, you are to shut it off and leave it off until all of the steps are completed. Next, you should use a cloth or paper towel to dry the phone as best as you can. Be sure not to use a blow dryer or any other device on it.

The third step is to take the phone apart by removing the battery and sim card. Be sure to wipe those down, too, so that you can try and save your photos and contacts. The fourth step is to then put all parts of the phone into a sealed, uncooked bag of rice or, if rice is not available, any other substance that will draw moisture out of things. Be sure to keep the bag in a sunny and warm spot, to help the process along.

The final thing to do, then, is to give it time and wait. Really you should give it a full 24 hours before you check the phone again. Hopefully the process will have worked and saved your phone.