The last couple of days, we've been checking in with J.R. on the FUN Morning Show to see where he is as he drives out West to begin his new life in Phoenix, Arizona. On Monday, he was in Missouri, and today he was in New Mexico.

Listen to yesterday's call-in from J.R.

He sent in some pictures for us to check out as well. I guess if you're in a car for that long for a few thousand miles, the mind starts to wander, and everything starts to look interesting. Keep in mind he's been driving cross country since last Friday.

Check out some of the pictures below.

I don't even want to know where to stick your head in the event of a tornado.

Make sure you're careful with your money. No refunds here.

Very weird shaped McDonald's. Looks like only one arch.

$2.87 for gas? Yes, please.