I can't believe this is my second pregnancy but only the first time I've heard of this. Sure, I've had pregnant friends offering to lend their maternity gear. Amazingly though, I was never made aware of the ability to rent maternity clothes.

While I do think certain staple pieces should be bought, like 2 to 3 pair of maternity pants and a few tops, it's hard once you get towards the end of the pregnancy to outfit yourself in business and casual wear daily without repetition. Some advantages of current styles; maxi dresses, maxi skirts, tunics and leggings are in. So you can use your normal wear well into your maternity with the comfort of an elastic waste.

My current conundrum, if you will, is that I am approximately 8 months pregnant and have multiple weddings and showers to attend.  How do I do so with style?

Interestingly enough, a non-pregnant friend introduced me to minefornine.com. The web site includes maternity clothing that you can rent or buy.  What I loved about the concept was that they have dresses and formal wear that I can rent. Being that I'm so close to due date, there aren't a whole lot of options as far as clothing I can still wear post baby. Rather than drop $100 plus on a dress that I would only wear once or twice, I can rent for $30.

Gotta save that skrilla. Baby #2 will be here soon.