Not everything you do at home should be done out in public. And I think the same should go for the private versus public bathrooms.

In a totally non-gross line of thinking, I believe there are certain things that just shouldn't be done out in a public restroom, whether it be at a restaurant, truck stop or local gym.

So I was more than a little surprised today when after my morning yoga class I entered the ladies room/locker room to discover a woman at one of the sinks dying her hair.

I mean full on plastic gloves, bottle of hair dye going at her roots...hard.

Now I've dyed my hair at home a number of times over the years and I know just how messy this project can get, so to take this on at a sink, let alone a fairly public bathroom sink, just did not sit right with me.

I just can't imagine being so crunched for time that I must use the bathroom at the gym to touch up my roots. I think I'd just make the time at home.

But other than just being surprised by the public hair dying, it also got me thinking.

Sure showering, shaving or changing happen in gym bathrooms every day, but aren't there certain things that you should only do in your own bathroom? Not even gross things, but those every day things that are just not cool to do in a space that so many people use.

I wasn't psyched to see hair dying at the gym, but what do you think shouldn't happen in a public bathroom?