While doing his address on the budget cuts that are going to start taking effect as of Friday, he decided to make a quick sci-fi reference. Oh Mr. President, you have no idea what you've done.

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It's no news that Republicans and Democrats aren't agreeing on the current budget plans. While all of that is probably very important, it is far more important to note that during his address today President Obama made a mistake that many Trekkies and 'Star Wars' fans will soon not forget.

While trying to make a joke about what he can do to get Republicans to agree with his plan, he said that he can't do a 'Jedi mind meld'. Of course you can't because that doesn't exist. It's a Jedi mind trick, and a Vulcan mind meld. You can guess what happened next, twitter blew up correcting the president on his mistake.

You can mess with a lot of stuff, but sci-fi references are not one of them. Now you know.