It's not expected to hit us here in the Southcoast area until late Tuesday, but it will pack a punch that could make the busiest travel day of the year miserable.   Fred Campagna at says we can expect heavy rain and high winds from late Tuesday night through most of Wednesday.   But, no snow is expected for us, as temps on Wednesday will approach 60 degrees.

In other parts of the east coast and northeast, a mix of rain, sleet and snow combined with high winds are expected to cause problems on the roads and with airline flights.   Sleet is even forecast for as far south as Mississippi, Kentucky and Texas.   This could cause flight delays and even cancellations throughout much of the country.      

For Thanksgiving, we'll see much colder temperatures as it drops into the upper 20's and low 30's by Thursday morning.   And with a gusty breeze, it will feel much colder.   We'll see some sun over the long weekend, with temperatures gradually getting back into the low 40's. 

Whatever your plans, or wherever you plan to go, please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.   We are truly blesse in this great county and have much to be thankful for.