We've got the greatest bathrooms here at FUN 107. Not a day goes by without seeing a note plastered up on the door, above the toilet, or next to the light switch. Today was no different.

You would think you could just walk in the bathroom and use it right? No way. It's always, "Please don't touch the light switch, it's on a timer," or "Don't pour anything down the sink, it'll clog," you know, common sense things. I'm waiting for a sign that says, "Breathe in, then out" accompanied by a lot of passed out co-workers, because they forgot to breathe out.


It was a little redundant with the signs today. I guess if you forgot the huge sign on the door, the sign on the sink would grab your attention that's literally a foot away from the door. Can't wait to see what tomorrow's sign is, it's like reading your horoscope in the newspaper.