I knew it was coming. I said it a month ago. No one wanted to pay attention to the Red Sox. The "Pink Hats" were in the drawer. Part of the reason was the collapse in 2011 and the last place finish in 2012.

Fans decided to hop on to the Bruins bandwagon cause they started to win, just as people did in 2008 when the Celtics won.

Now that the Sox have made it into the ALCS, here come the "fans". Most of them couldn't tell you the members of the starting pitchers, or what a shift is, but none the less, here they come. Ready to say things like "We gotta have faith" and "Go Red Sox" but have no idea what a split finger fast ball is.

On the other hand I'm finally glad to see that there is some enthusiasm for the hometown team, although I wish it was for more baseball related reasons.

By the way, If the Sox DO win the World Series, I wonder what the response in the city will be if they win it at home.

Check out this video of so called "fans" after the Celtics won the title at home back in 2008.