Katy Perry is receiving a lot of backlash from PETA and the Ethnical Treatment of Animals for her recent new music video "Roar",I feel as though there are much worse acts of animal cruelty that these two organizations should be focusing on.

PETA wrote a letter to the video director of Katy Perry's  recent music video to her new single "Roar" to inform him of "animals used for entertainment in either film or television endure horrific cruelty and suffer from confinement and violent training methods.

This sounds like a letter that should have went to the animal trainer and not the director because from what I can see in the video it looks like Katy Perry is being extremely gentle and playful with the animals.

The Ethnical Treatment of Animals group add in saying the animals find these kind of experiences to be very stressful and traumatic.

I am an animal lover myself and feel those who cause any kind of harm onto animals should be charged with animal cruelty but as Katy Perry paints the elephants toes nails or poses for selfies with the monkey I do not see any kind of stress or trauma in the animals eyes or actions.

PETA goes on in its letter to the video director to say that the animals featured in the "Roar" music video come from a supplier who has been cited multiple times.

So once again I will continue to say that this backlash should be something between the trainer and PETA not the video director and PETA because I think we all can agree that Katy Perry seems to be one of the least harmful people in the industry.