Drivers, if you are planning on utilizing the HOV lane, be sure that your passenger is a real person.

One driver tried to get away with fastening a mannequin to the passengers seat so that he could cut off all of the traffic, according to the Boston Herald. The fake passenger just wasn't as believable as the driver, whose name is not being releases, had hoped. State Trooper Carnell, who was on detail, spotted the mysterious passenger as his vehicle was entering the HOV lane on Northbound Interstate 93.

This is not the first time Carnell has spotted a driver using a fake human in order to utilize the HOV lane. Back in 2013, he discovered a woman who was riding with a full sized doll in the HOV lane.

"Last year, there were 1,875 violations issued by state police last year for illegal operation of the carpool lane, " said MassDOT spokeswoman Sara Lavoie. I'm sure not all of those were for the use of dummies as fake passengers but let's keep this lane open for those who really need to use it.