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Odd But True: Today is National Ex Spouse Day.
Ouch, I feel like even if I was eligible to celebrate, I wouldn't 😂.
I guess there are a few positives ways to look at the day, for example, try these!

Remember all those times you said, "I'm so happy I'm not with (this person) anymore.
Do s
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Dope or Nope: Grilled Fluffernutter Sandwich
So I guess fluff isn't gross enough as is, now the newest rage is what's called a grilled fluffernutter sandwich!
People got bored with a plain old fluffernutter sandwich so they decided to cook it as if it were a grilled cheese... WHAT?
If this (for some reason) sounds amazing to you, it&ap…
Former Temptations Manager Seeks New Location In New Bedford
The former manager and owner of the Temptations adult entertainment club on Pope's Island says he wants to open another venue in New Bedford.
Calvin Ortiz says Temptations was closed four months ago after the building was sold and the new owner no longer wanted adult entertainment on the propert…
Police Honor Two Officers For Dedication And Sacrifice
 NEW BEDFORD _ The event honoring two New Bedford police officers for their sacrifice and dedication began with  moment of silence for a young officer killed Thursday, April 12, in the line of duty.  
The death of New Bedford native and Yarmouth Police Officer Sean Gannon while serving a warrant was …

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