It almost seems too weird to be true, but in 1984 producers were looking at O.J. Simpson to play the role of "The Terminator." But they eventually decided that the former football star was just to nice to be a killer, and the part went to Arnold Schwarzenegger instead.

Mark Wahlberg was creeped out by some of the scenes in "Brokeback Mountain" and turned down the roll that would go to Heath Ledger. Producers also nearly signed Joaquin Phoenix to play the part of Jack Twist in that movie, but at the last minute gave the part to Jake Gyllenhaal.

And how about John Travola as "Forrest Gump?" He actually turned down the part before it was offered to Tom Hanks. I can't imagine anyone but Tom Hanks in that roll, and neither could millions of movie-goers. And that's all I have to say about that.