When "American Idol" took to the air for the first live show of the 2013 season, one of the judges chairs was empty.  Ryan Seacrest tried to make light of Nicki Minaj being MIA by saying "Which one of you gave Nicki the wrong directions?"  Mariah Carey was not amused, as she sat at the table in silence only nodding her head in disapproval.  About 15 minutes into the show, Nicki Minaj walked into the studio and took her seat.  She was wearing a dark hoodie and sunglasses, having tweeted that she was "stuck in traffic."  A rep for Fox  said that behind the scenes, Ryan Seacrest was very angry as was producer Nigel Lythgoe.   They also said Mariah, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban did not say much, but were all annoyed at Minaj.   Fox's 411 Pop Tarts column asked a rep for Nicki Minaj to comment, but none was offered.