24-year-old Michael King of Plympton Street in New Bedford was arrested Sunday morning after a dispute with his girlfriend.

According to Lt. Robert Richard, Michael C. King, 24, cut his wrists during the dispute with his girlfriend, who was unharmed and not identified.

King was charged with domestic assault and was transported to St. Luke's.

While at the hospital, King was able to escape from police as handcuffs cannot be applied during certain tests such as X-rays. King pushed open a door, shoved a police guard and fled via a stairwell.

Two canine units and a state police helicopter began an infrared search of the surrounding area to no avail.

Mid-Monday morning, police received a tip that King was in the Plympton Street area but the search was once again unsuccessful.

Richard said that King isn't considered a danger to the community. His only other interaction with police were once as a victim and once in a traffic violation. This was his first arrest.