Police are saying that Melanie Ribeiro, Jean Neves and Dante Hector drove past a group of people standing at the corner of County ad Middle Streets Monday afternoon, and opened fire.  Not one was hit and the cops don't yet know if the three had a specific target.

Abut an hour later, the Nissan Maxima the three were riding in, was shot at but not hit in the Temple Landing housing development.   Police are saying that was in retaliation for the earlier gunfire.   The person who is thought to have fired the shots, 18-year-old Shallh Gilmette Shazan, turned himself in to police last nght. 

Those gunshots forced the lockdown of Sgt. William Carney Academy, where students were held until shortly after 3 p.m.    Police recovered five .22 caliber shell casings, but no weapons.     

Ribeiro, Neves and Hector have been charged with assault with intent to murder.  Police are still looking into whether the incidents were gang related.