A couple of New Bedford guys are responding to Mark Wahlberg's comments that hinted at a possible reunion of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Mark told a UK magazine that he was thinking of getting back together with the Funky Bunch, but that the timing had to be right.

Well, the New Bedford based "Funky Bunch" is all over it. They told TMZ.com that they're "totally on board". Hector Barros of New Bedford says they've been thinking about a reunion for years...and actually approached Mark about it back in 2008. At the time, Mark had to turn down the offer, saying he was too far removed from the music business to go on tour.

Unfortunately, the Boston Herald is reporting that Donnie Wahlberg isn't too optimistic about a reunion this time around either. “Mark is a little bit busy to be a rapper, as am I to be a rap producer, but if he wants to be a rapper again — awesome.”

Scott Ross is also from New Bedford. After a stint in Orlando, he's back home. He's managed LFO's Devin Lima and Warner Bros. Record's Tynisha Kelly.