A few days into this motherhood thing and I've gotta say that being a new mom in the digital era is ah-mazing. Some time between Monday morning and today- whatever day it is-  I have found three stress-saving apps to help me get through my first week with a newborn.

1. Baby Connect

For $5 bucks I have been able to keep a digital record of every doctor's note, diaper change, feeding, and milestones along with a bazillion other things I might want/need to track.  The best part about this app is that if needed to, I could email all of the charts and records to the doctors if I had to.

*Update*  Shortly after writing this, my app stopped working and I had a total meltdown.  Remember to sync your stuff with a backup device just in case this happens. No one needs two cry babies on their hands.


2. What to Expect Baby

This freebie app is the follow up to the hugely popular What to Expect When You're Expecting. It breaks down your baby's month-by-month on-goings, including their development, health and care needs.  It's easy to understand and helps ease any concerns you have.  You'll never make the innocent mistake of asking if your baby is going to have to shave their back as an adult- you will have already read that the hair will fall off soon enough.


3. The Wonder Weeks

While we may not be quite ready to start using it, The Wonder Weeks app is the one  I'm looking forward to the most.  Using easy-to-read charts and graphs, the app guides you through your baby's developmental leaps, giving you a heads up to any behavioral changes. My favorite detail is the little black storm cloud that lets you know when to expect a fussy periods during the next 80 weeks.