Ummm, what? I guess sometimes you really need to think out of the box when it comes to finding a job. When I say out of the box, I mean think of jobs you would have never thought of. For example, I have no idea what a salt collector is? I thought they made sea salt using salt water being boiled away and then you keep the salt. I was flat out wrong apparently.

Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt

One local company has an amazing opportunity for the right person. You must have 3 qualifications. You must love salt, the ocean and have Jedi reflexes when dealing with ocean undertow. If you have these you could be a salt collector. Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt, cultivator of the world's finest sea salt from the Atlantic needs help immediately. The job listing says:

"Salt Collector

Do you love salt, the ocean and are fearless of undertow?

Have driver’s license and common sense? How about housing . . . because you need not apply if you do not have housing on Martha’s Vineyard and a vehicle to get you to our headquarters.

Send letters of inquiry. We’d love to hear from you."


Good luck!