Cleaning out some of the boxes we have in our crawl space, I came across my grandfather's pocketwatch that I thought I had lost when I was a kid.

When I was 14, my Dad gave me this family heirloom and it worked beautifully. Even the little second hand at the bottom works. It's one of those wind up ones, the kind you have to wind every other day so you can tell time. There's no batteries, just little gears and whatever they used back in 1924 when my grandfather was 26 years old.

It's nice to have a piece of the past, knowing my grandfather once held this still working pocketwatch years ago, and I'll pass it down to my son once it's 100 years old. My son will be just about the age I was when I got it, and hopefully he'll pass it down to his oldest son too and keep this old family heirloom alive, and wound up.