From dinner and desserts to egg hunts and bunny pictures, everyone has their Easter traditions. 

Traditions have to start somewhere right? And one tradition I still love started when I was a kid.

It was actually my dad's second wife that started this for my sister and myself, but it was always so much fun that even though I don't have kids myself, I make sure I do this for my niece and nephews each year.

The tradition is to make finding their Easter basket a scavenger hunt. Maybe you do something like this yourself, but the idea is to hide the basket of goodies and leave them a trail of clues to find it.

I get super into it. I even try to make my clues rhyme. It's silly, but to me it's so much fun!

My scavenger hunts always start at their place at the dinner table. Each kid will have a colored egg with the first clue in it. That clue will lead them to the next egg of the same color (so they don't accidentally start going on their siblings hunt) and so and so on until they find their basket.

The kids always enjoy and perhaps best of all it's a good way to get them out of the house and running around the yard as we finish making dinner in the kitchen! Win-win!

So if you are thinking of starting a new tradition in you family or maybe are doing your first Easter hunt this year, it could be a fun new way to find those baskets of treats!