Last week I had the best vacation ever! It was so relaxing, fun and time well spent! Guess where I went?!

I stayed HOME!


Steve Frost, TSM

I swear to you, home is one of the best places to vacation.  A stay-cation as most people call it, is the new inexpensive way to treat yourself to a week of relaxation! has an awesome article up on why it's so awesome to stay home for vacation! First of all, it's less stressful! Even if you don't have kids, there's nothing to worry about like money, hotels, driving...NOTHING!

I mean, what is better than having your TV, fridge and pets all in walking distance of each other?! I watched girly TV, played with my cats and took naps the whole week and it was just what I needed!

But that's not all you have to do! There's plenty of stuff in this historic and scenic area! Take a drive around your hometown, go to a new beach, or drive down the Cape!

Whatever it is, don't knock down the stay-cations! Trust me, they are awesome and sometimes that's all you need!