Mass State Police

Massachusetts State Police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing 17 year old girl from Medfield...with a particular focus on the Southeastern Mass and Medfield areas. Her name is Brittany Thompson...last seen at the Medfield Public Library leaving with a heavy set white male who was wearing a black "Sons of Anarchy" t-shirt. Brittany is believed to be wearing the red shirt she is wearing in the picture to the left. Police say even though she is a senior in high school, she is emotionally and socially immature...and may be in danger.

Anyone coming in contact or observing anyone believed to be the suspect, is asked to contact the Massachusetts State Police immediately at 508-820-2121. The Medfield Police and Massachusetts State Police are asking to be vigilant and report anything you think may be connected to either Brittany Thompson, or the white heavy set male seen with her last.