Oh Mila Kunis, I have always been a big fan of yours, but now...now, I love you even more!

Mila was on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking with Jimmy about her pregnancy, when he happened to mention that he and his wife were also expecting. However, he didn't say it like that, he said "we're pregnant." That stopped Mila right in her tracks and she got up and started in on a hilarious rant about why men shouldn't say "we're pregnant."

Even though I've never been pregnant, this has always been such a pet peeve of mine! The man is not pregnant, the woman is! Sure, he helped her get there, of course, he deserves credit for that...but he is not the one with the morning sickness, the fatigue, the actual human growing inside! He can continue along with his life of eating and drinking whatever he wants with no cares in the world, because he's not the one carrying the baby!

I completely understand the 'we're expecting' phrase. Of course, because you are and that's super exciting! I guess changing the wording on it just a bit, makes a difference! So, for the love of Mila Kunis guys, stop saying "we're pregnant!"

This morning, Michael Rock, admitted that he is guilty of using that phrase. Listen to this morning's audio here:


Check out her hilarious rant here: