According to a news story on Reuters, the makers of M&M candies are concerned that treats like McDonald's McFlurries, Burger King's Snickers Pie, and Dairy Queen's Blizzards are too sugary.

The Dairy Queen Blizzard had been one of my very favorite sinful treats for decades. I work out, I watch what I eat (most of the time)...I am an adult. Who are the makers of M&M's to tell ME that I shouldn't have a DQ Blizzard? I will have legit anger if those Blizzards go away for this reason. I can't be alone. Dairy Queen wouldn't have had their signature frozen treat on their menu for decades if people didn't LOVE them. Leave my Blizzards alone and let people make their own choices...for better or for worse.

In a nation where marijuana is becoming more and more legalized by the day, we are worried about regulating sugary ice cream treats???

I don't know if I can live in an America without chocolate Blizzards with M&M's. Rant over.