As if breakups aren't hard enough, it's even worse when your significant other fakes their death to get out of it!  Here's a crazy story about a man who faked his own death to get out of marrying his fiance.

Artsem Martysiuk, TSM

23-year-old Brit Lanchester was engaged to her college sweetheart and they were planning their wedding side by side.

Well, just months before their wedding, Lanchester received a devastating phone call. Her "fiance's father" phoned her to tell her that her fiance, Tucker Blanford, had been suffering from depression and had thrown himself in front of a car! ...WHAT?!

Obviously, Lanchester immediately went into the stages of grief but when she called Tucker's parents to offer her condolences, they had no idea what she was talking about. In fact, they didn't even know they were engaged!

Turns out, Tucker was the one that called her, pretending to be his father delivering the news of his own death.

"All I ever did was love him.  After this I'm not sure I can trust a man ever again," she said.

The wedding was supposed to take place last Friday. has the full story here!