So, Larry and Michael "got me" this morning with an April Fool's Day prank...well, I'm not the only one that got tricked!

I present to you, Larry Soares everybody!  Let it be known that I tricked him today!!

I waited until he walked out of the room, thought quickly, and with limited time, I took the batteries out of the wireless mouse that he pranked me with, and I hid his cell phone.

We have a cabinet in the studio with two doors.  One side gets used all the time, the other side never gets used, so I decided to hide Larry's things in there.  When I opened the cabinet though, I found something pretty strange in there, but decided to hide his stuff in there anyway.

Larry went right to the cabinet when looking for his stuff (smart guy) and found his batteries and his cell phone...all lined up nicely next to....A STUFFED ANIMAL!  Why is there a stuffed animal in the cabinet in the FUN 107 studio?  I have no idea...I think that's a question for Mr. Michael Rock.  :)  Happy April Fool's Day!