Loren and Larry both tried Lays Chips new flavors for the 'Do Us A Flavor' contest and have picked their own winner.

Our intern James ran out to pick up Lay's new flavors Mango Salsa, Cappuccino, and Bacon Mac and Cheese. We didn't try the Wasabi Ginger, but Loren and I didn't care since we both agreed that it sounded disgusting.

Corinne Pavao / TSM

The first one we tried was the Cappuccino. We didn't mind it as much as we thought we would, since, let's be serious, cappuccino flavored chips sounds horrible. Though it wasn't too bad, it was our least favorite out of the three.

Next, was the Mango Salsa flavor and it was surprisingly delicious. That one took the lead right away.

The final bag was the Bacon Mac and Cheese flavor which Loren was extremely excited about. It was pretty good but not as good as we expected. It didn't have the "Wow" factor that Mango Salsa had.

Overall, Loren and I agree that our favorite was the Mango Salsa flavor.

Watch our reactions in the video below.