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Kids say the darndest things, especially when something doesn't go their way. One little boy got some news and he wasn't afraid to voice his concerns!

Shanee Gibson Hart from Fort Lewis, Wash. couldn't wait to share her news about her new baby with her other two children. But her son Tre did not have the reaction she hoped for and she caught it on video.

"What were you thinking?" Tre cried when his mother told him the news.

This little boy's priceless reaction showed off his vocabulary as he exclaimed "This is exasperating!" as he gestures to him and his baby sister sitting next to him. What a vocabulary! His parents must be proud.

Tre makes it very clear why he doesn't want another baby around: he just doesn't want to share his parents' affections! Shanee tries to tell him that he and his sister can never be replaced, but Tre just continues with, “This makes no sense!"

Let's hope his opinion changes when he sees his new baby sibling in a few months!